John is called the apostle of love but really he is the apostle of Jesus the Glory. His expressions are -‘The Word is God’; ‘we saw His glory’; ‘Isaiah saw His glory’; ‘glory of the cross’; ‘we will see Him as He is’; ‘confesses Jesus is the Christ’. He knew ‘God is love’, He saw that Jesus was God, is God and always is to be God. He saw into heaven, with inspiration in his gospel and with visions in his Revelation and Jesus, and Jesus the Word of Life, Eternal Spirit in his epistles. John saw that children of God, brethren, all in life, with many references in his epistles to love, are to live and act righteously in love. It is because God is love, Christ died because of love. We the sons of God are to live in this love of God and of Christ that is not human or based on ‘a good relationship’ but is entirely of the love heaven provides within us. We must ‘clothe ourselves in that new nature which was created to resemble God, with the righteousness and holiness springing from the Truth’. John saw Truth as imperative. Our interest is not really in this world but heavenly, not in politics, wealth, what nations or people do.but to obey Jesus ‘Go you into all the world and preach the gospel’. That is His command. which we obey because of His love. We cannot alter the events that continue to be enacted by governments and nations. We can make an impact for Jesus Christ which is the ultimate for a believer in Jesus the Christ, being ‘the salt of the earth’.. ‘We are now the sons of God….We know, that, when he shall appear, we shall be like to him; because we shall see him as he is’, being a most wonderful thing John perceived in seeing.

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