The first Babylon in the Book of Revelation and also the second does have some semblance to the Babylon that fell in the Old Testament. This first one is set among the Temple scenes, the city where our Lord was crucified, Sodom and Gomorrah. There are the two witnesses, connecting to the Book of Zechariah, for 1260 days a time frame of Daniel 12 and includes persecution from Caesar and Rome. Thus it can only be Jerusalem, and this view is substantiated by the fact that the Book ties in with the Jerusalem and the Great Tribulation of Daniel and also of Matthew 24, when comparison is made between them. The Song of Moses is a song of victory. The Church in Jerusalem and Judea will be preserved even though Satan tries to eliminate her. She went higher, to Pella and the mountains. But being delivered. Satan goes off to persecute her seed, who are the saints of the gospel who came in as the Gentiles after it having been given first to the Jew and then to the Gentiles. They indeed will suffer great persecution and many martyred, which is also in the history of the Roman Empire by Tascitus. He also recorded the history of what we know was the Great Tribulation of Israel before her final destruction. The people will be oppressed by Caesar, who will be Nero, 666 being the number of his name as indeed it is. This Babylon will fall, and the resemblance to Jerusalem in the prophets, who is given a cup to drink, the same cup given to Babylon, a cup giving madness. There was madness among the Jews at the time, in their killing each other, various sects, wars with the Romans etc. The second Babylon was the Scarlet Woman, Rome, that great whore, whose gross evils affected many nations. She would fall and the Scripture relates it as ‘Babylon has fallen’ This is Rome, a composite of all the evils of Babylon, Medes and Persians and the Greeks, the three Empires preceding here, the Roman Empire adding in all of her own singular evils. She was indeed a whore. But she falls also. This is the judgment of God and of the Son of Man, sitting on the throne at the right had of the Ancient of Days of Daniel.The Lord God works as He did in the O.T. When he used a nation, city, or ruler in oppression and judgment on Israel, she would suffer and then so would vindication come upon the party through whom God used for His wrath to fall upon Israel. Rome was used to bring about the fall of Jerusalem, destruction of the Temple etc. Then Rome in turn must fall.

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