NO MORE A NATION OF ISRAEL (Part 5 of 5) ‘Comments On Power Of Tongues’

This has little to do with the nation of Israel that exists today for as Netanyahu said. ‘We are Khazars from the Ukraine’. It is the Israel of Daniel’s day, the Israelites,’Your people’, Daniel 1:1-3,;9:24. They were of Abraham/Isaac/Jacob. The power of the gospel in its full message is praying in other tongues. That particular power is ‘the powers of the age to come’. The gospel itself as preached and received by faith, has power and of the age to come but a power resident in the gospel itself. The power of Acts 1:4, 4 and 2:4 is to be resident in the believer as he/she continues to be filled with the Spirit by praying in other tongues. There is no other access to this power. It is not the gift of Tongues but the power/tongues given by Jesus when we obey after being born again and ‘If any man thirst, let him come unto Me and drink – this spake He of the Holy Ghost;, John 7:38,39. They received Acts 2:4 on the Day of Pentecost. We must also receive and continue therein. Now two other matters: Indeed right now, we are facing the possibiity of a World War III. Russia has had enough of being victiised, attacked verbally and miiitarily, even around Ukraine and now in //Syria. She went down there at the request of Assad, the legitimately voted in Leader of Syria by its people. She also went down to ‘defend the Christians’. How much have we done to defend our brethren in Christ. Thousands of men, women, children have been tortured, martyred for Christ. Others have been kidnapped and forced into the army of the rebels of all kinds, who have weapons supplied to them. We have spiritual weapons supplied to us by Heaven itself. So Russia, who has modernized her forces with incredible weaponry, has issued a latest warning. She will, if provoked and attacked anywhere, retaliate by shutting off the electronic systems of U.S. in its major cities. She will bot attack the heartland of the country, she says. However, if she is given retaliation it could be by nuclear and it will be on. Are we walking close to the Lord Jesus enough to endure, to remain faithful, to continually seek is Word of Truth and, His Person and be filled with the Holy Ghost? I trust many take my videos to heart. Specially go to ‘A Walk With Jesus Has Miracles’ and note all the comments that are about a great miracle, a wonder, a marvel that happened as two people have watched the video.

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