Many believers , most fore sure, are taught that Zechariah is generally prophesying of a Messiah to rule from Jerusalem at the end times. We all failed at some point to realise that the majority of churches are following the doctrines of Ribera, La Conza, Crypto Jesuits and John Nelson Darby who copied their doctrines. Satan has been injecting doctrines of demons into the truth of the message of Jesus Christ and about Him, from the times of the apostles. This has been our heritage. Some of us have been led by the Spirit into the truth. May you all be one of those, Amen, Lord Jesus. He has been the messenger of Satan to al of us, in producing these doctrines followed by hundreds of millions. He was an occultist, followed Kabbala,. I downloaded his works years back and threw them out as they were not the truth. He used Theosophy and in them. They are to this day a mixture of some Bible (but never its truth) and occultic terms – such as The Architect. He is today called ‘The Father of Dispensationalism’. True. Dispensationalism actually is not in the Bible at all. His god-father, Admiral Lord Nelson, was of those persuasions and also a Paedophile – as shown by many and also historians. Darby as well, was a Paedophile. His wife remained silent when questioned about it. He was sent by the British East India Co., of Zionist backers, to the U.S. churches, D.l.Moody and others, so that they would become Zionists/Dispensationalists etc. A chief Zionist is he of the Balfour Declaration, Lord Roths …. A most important figure. Then he was sent to Germany that to this day , has the believers following Darby, and who follow the Messianic, that even enjoins many to migrate with their wealth to restore the place. They also follow Darby’s ‘Christian’ doctrines and those errors of the British Keswick Convention leaders of generations. Darby even went as far as New Zealand, that has been full of many Brethren, some I met there who had seen the light and left. So, dear believers in Christ, we must ‘know the truth and the truth will set us free’. We pray – ‘ Lord Jesus, please have mercy and lead many to have opened eyes and ardent love and receptivity of your truth as in the New Testament. Amen’.

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