There is a well of salvation as Jesus explained, for Jew and Gentile. It is not a natural well. He showed all this when He went through Samaria and sat on Jacob’s well. He revealed to a prostitute, the truth of salvation. The Samaritans were not Jews. They were not the people of God. Yet He taught the gospel concerning Himself to such a one and to a woman. He also taught her what true worship is to be – in Spirit and in Truth. We need to stand on the truth of the gospel. Our churches have been darkened by much that is not part of the gospel. That God is to have an Israel in the land of Palestine once more, is not part of the gospel at all. It is not part of the Old Testament as a proper read of the Prophets would indicate. We need to leave our deceptions. We need to drink only at the well of salvation. This video goes on to show what we need to have and do.

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