The first Tabernacle or Temple is totally removed. This occurred when Jesus ascended into heaven and took His place at the right hand of God as our High Priest forever. Under the Law, the sacrifices did not cleanse from sin and nothing was effected in the heavens. The Law itself and its priesthood, temple, institutions, offerings were only for a time. Such was removed eternally by Jesus Christ whose offering was physical but effective in the heavenly realms. The Law was merely as shadow of things heavenly. God (Jesus) took away the first to set up or establish the second. Those in the order of the Law and Temple/Tabernacle were eating and drinking and cleansing in the natural realm. They were the covering only for sin. We need cleansing. God provided His Lamb to shed His blood to cleanse away our sin. The things of the natural only stayed in effect until the new order was laid down. This was done when Christ ascended. He is there now for us. His blood cleanses and is so precious that going back to temple worship/animal sacrifices/priesthood of Levi/a temple is as said, ‘to tread underfoot the blood of Christ’. So anyone now or in a millennium goes back to the old, the blood of Christ is despised. That is an impossible situation to envisage. The first is removed and the second set up. This also occurred in 2 Peter events, the first (Israel in total) being removed forever. The nation of Israel finished forever. It has not been restored today and indeed those people do not obey our Old Testament but theirs which is different. In the days of Peter and until A.D.70 it included the Christians who believed in Christ out of their still national and Israelite natural state. They also had sufferings along with what was considered ‘the nation of Israel’ although it was but very partially so, those of generations past being in their graves and the then present ones only of Judah and Benjamin. Jesus had said that the blood of all the just murdered over the centuries by them and it would include His being killed by them, would be ‘required of that generation’. It was so. That first Israel of Hebrews, the ‘old people of God but not now the people of God’ had to be removed and forever. It was. The second Israel was set up – ‘the present and forever people of God’. As Peter declares in 1 Peter 2:4-11. And this is all being done hidden in plain sight, without most Christians even being aware of what is being taken from them. And it is being done subtly by influencing the doctrines of American Christian Churches to conform to a false doctrine that upon first consideration seems reasonable, positive and even appears to be true. This is the false doctrine of Christian Zionism, the belief that Jews should return to the Holy Land and re-establish ancient Biblical Israel, which was the source of Jesus Christ and Christianity in the first place. There are numerous problems with this ideology that most American Christians just do not understand. Before we dissect the ways this ideology is seriously flawed and harmful, first we must understand it. Typically most American Christian Churches teach that, since Jesus was a Jew, the source of Christianity and therefore Jews today, especially those in Israel, are our brothers and sisters – part of the same family – and deserve support no matter what. This ideology extends to the typical Christian belief that Israel as a nation-state must be supported, no matter what, and that it is okay for Israelis to take land from the Palestinians to build new settlements, since supposedly God gave it to the Jews in the first place, and it is their ancestral right. There are many falsities associated with this doctrine of Christian Zionism. Let’s list the prominent ones here. These were never supposed to be exposed publicly. 1. A recent peer reviewed genetic study from John Hopkins by a Jewish MD showed that approximately 97.5% of Israeli Jews living in Israel have absolutely NO Hebrew blood at all and are from ancient Khazaria in Eastern Europe, now the Ukraine. And some were called Ashkenazis and ARE NOT Semites at all, while approximately 80% of the Palestinians have ancient Hebrew blood and are true Semites. This has secretly been admitted to in the highest echelons of the Israeli government and was leaked in a largely ignored article.

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