We are going to speak about the fitting together of two portions of Scripture to which the Lord directed me. I looked at both. When I could see how they fitted it brought awe and amazement. I would never have discovered this without the Holy Ghost. Portion No. 1: In the first, the Lord Jesus announces His own coming to earth into the womb of Mary. ‘Lo I come’, Hebrews 10:9. He came to God’s purpose. This was to take away one and to set up or establish the second. He addresses Israel as He comes. God willed to remove the First or Old Covenant of Law and to then set up the New Covenant of grace and truth. A total obliteration of one from the lives of the Hebrews. and for the Hebrews (of Israel), a new order for their lives in a new sphere, that of the new Israel of God, that spiritual Israel, the true church. Part of the nation of Israel henceforth with its Hebrews would be only under the New Covenant. The first was to be abolished forever. And it was. Portion No. 2, is 2 Peter:1.14. For the first time in my life I understood what Peter was saying. I had never heard or read even a hint of what was revealed to me, by the Spirit, from the Word and that included the history of the times. There was still the nation of Israel, as Peter wrote his epistles before Nero’s death in A.D. 68. At the time there was still a national Israel although it was a province of Rome and called Palestine. The Temple was still there and the priesthood. Judeans were living there, as Judah and Benjamin. This was the Israel of the Old Testament. Also there was the church in Jerusalem and in other towns, until A.D.66 and A.D.70. Thus there were two groups of Israelites. Group 1, those who were still called ‘Israel’ and the others who had become Christians but were still Israelites by birth and nationality. There were wars, persecutions, food shortages and much tribulation upon all. The Christians were suffering also. Peter said ‘If persecution begins at the house of God what shall be the end of those who do not believe’. He was referring to the two groups. The nation of Israel, comprising all who were Hebrew by birth (Non-Christians and Christians). and specifically to the Christians among them. He referred to all of the Israelites and then to part of the Israelites, the Christians. The suffering and tribulation was against and for the nation of Israel. That included Christian Israelites. Here in this portion as in Hebrews 10, it concerns both sections of Israelites. Both have something taken away in a separation. Law is taken away and the separation results in Grace of the Gospel. Here again, the bulk of Israel is taken away by the Great Tribulation that occurred between A.D.66-70. There is a separation of Christians out of all of Israel. They are kept safe and end up in Pella and in the mountains as the church of Jesus Christ there. Israel itself is ended never to rise again. She never has and never will. However, the true ecclesia of the Lord Jesus Christ will remain until He comes for her on the Resurrection Day, to enter heaven with Him forever and ever. Christ took away the first, the nation of Israel to establish the second, the His Church, against which the gates of hell in all of its fierce combats with here, shall never prevail against it. Many, however, will fall away to eternal destruction. But as a nation, Israel had her destruction in A.D.70. There never was God’s national Israel again over the centuries. There does not exist God’s national Israel today. There never will exist again, a national Israel under God or by God. The Scriptures are very clear. We need to have clarity of spiritual vision when we read them and need to throw out the false doctrines we hear about it. In both cases, Law, Priesthood, Temple, its people, Israel, sacrifices got forever. Then instead of them, there is put in place for ever, Christ as Redeemer, Mediator, High Priest and His gospel of grace as well as the New and Only People of God, those redeemed, elected, born again, the ecclesia or true church. A complete and eternal removal of the first in both portions of Scripture with an eternal establishment of the second. Some look for and even farm red heifers. They are on a heifer chase that is a wild goose chase! A good source of info;

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