There is more than one period called ‘The End Times’ in the New Testament. It is important to distinguish which is which. Ir can affect our understanding as to the meaning of the writer’s statements. Here we have what Peter writes. Is this the end of both Christianity and civilisation? :- http://therealistreport.com/horst-mah… Trump’s declaration as to Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, brings new interest in Hal Lindsey’s ‘New Planet Earth’. The book lack veracity and is based on End Time views of two Crypto Jesuits and an English Zionist connected to the former British East India Co. Peter warns against ‘damnable heresies’ which the dispersed Christians had heard and were called upon to refute. These heresies were those of the Pharisees, from Babylon with their Oral Tradition of Mishnah, Talmud, Kabbalah that Jesus condemned. Hal Lindsey follows on with such teachings from them in his own end time statements. Surely ‘damnable’ means heresies that condemn the strong follower then and now, to hell? The belief includes Russia will attack Israel with others. It is strange that the place Trump is abetting with others in the West, are forever aiming sniping statements at Russia despite their untruth. It would seem Trump’s favorite is being set up to come against e.g. Syria, Iran, for their destruction. So it would seem. That Russia is Gog and Magog was and is a myth or heresy of earlier Christendom, Jeremy whose source was erroneous, then others from the Cryptos including Englishman, John Nelson Darby who copied their works. The facts are that Russia is not Gog and Magog connection or Gomer, German as I heard in my youth. Gog and Magog were King and peoples being Lydians, not even ;Scythians as some theologians deliberately and wrongly stated, knowing the errors. They never do go to Ukraine or Russia and Russians do not descend from the Lydians. Therefore, Russia is not connected to Gog and Magog and nations there, or to a prophecy supposedly to occur in the End Times that she will go down against Damascus and invade Israel. It all is a deliberate myth, heresy, placed in the minds of our Churches with the many hundreds of millions. Oh, how Satan has made his successful invasion. He won. Dear brothers and sisters, with compassion I say to you, please know the truth and it shall set you free. If a damnable heresy is fully taken on board, one wonders – does it make a damnable heresy to you personally? May the compassion of Jesus Christ reach out o many of us, dear brothers and sisters of all countries.

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