John received the vision of the book of Revelation while he was imprisoned by Nero on the Isle of Patmos, around A.D.63. John was the only apostle/disciple to have died a natural death and was not martyred. Books that were once part of the New Testament but were later removed, reveal that Nero sent some soldiers later on to remove him from the island. They took him on orders, back to Ephesus, to the very hut that had been his home before imprisonment. He lived there and ministered for Christ until about A.D.93 when he went to be with the Lord forever, his spirit having left his body – as is the case with Believers who die until the second coming of the Lord Jesus when the dead in Christ first will rise to receive their resurrection bodies joined with all redeemed from heaven who come down with Christ to all meet together for a welcome meeting with Jesus in the air. The true story is that as his time to go neared, John ordered some to dig a grave. He then went down to it and lay down – ‘to fall asleep in Jesus’. A wonderful end for someone as close to Jesus as he was, even ‘lying on His bosom’ at the Last Supper. He had seen and understood the Deity of Christ, as shown in his gospel of John, more than anyone else. So while he was on earth having the vision, he saw himself in heaven ‘IN’ the Day of the Lord, as in Revelation 1:10 EBR (Rotherham) according to the exact ‘Greek. JMNT reads: ‘within the Day which pertains to or has the characteristics of the Lord (the Day of the Lord, or the Day of Christ). We should realise that Sunday was never called the Lord’s day in the New Testament. They met on ‘the first day of the week’ that we know as ‘Sun’day – actually after the god of the Sun according to ancient pagan ideas when they gave us the days. E.g. Thursday, Thor the god of War (as I learnt at school). What a most wonderful experience was John’s. It all happened if we look at history. And also, Jesus told the people listening to Him, in Lukde 21, Matthew 24 and Mark 13, that their generation would not pass away until all about the Great Tribulation He prophesied, would have occurred. Most lived to see it but not the ten (minus Judas – only John was alive. He did not see it as he was in Ephesus. He was neither in Jerusalem nor Palestine, those years from AD. 66 to 70 when that great tribulation occurred. Jesus said it would be such as had not occurred to Israel the nation previously nor would ever occur again It occurred and as Israel ceased to exist in A.D.70 forever, it could never occur again and thus never will. Those who expect ‘the Great Tribulation’ should study those three chapters where Jesus told what would happen. History reveals it did. There are my videos on that chapter on line.

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