Look at how Isaiah suffered. The writer of Hebrews: You have not yet resisted as far as blood, blood-shed, struggling constantly against sin. In ch.10:32-34, these same believers patiently underwent a long conflict. They were taunted, injured, publicly. Their property had been confiscated and they reacted with joy. Now she says to these same people: In your struggle against sin, it has never come to this, that you have never yet been called upon to lay down your life. You may yet suffer a violent, bloody death as other martyrs have done. Therefore, consider Jesus. He suffered a worse death for you, so keep looking at Him, so that you do not become apostate. Resist with agonies, what men or devils use to entice or force you to apostatize from Christ, Watch out, pray and strive to the utmost against them. This is what we are called to do. How is it then, that most in world-wide churches are indeed apostate from the truth of the gospel. In fact, Paul said that having another gospel put us in the position of being under curses. We are cursed. Let us get out from under our personal apostasy and follow Paul in his gospel who received it all from Jesus Christ. This is the way to follow Jesus. We follow Paul, looking at Jesus.

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