This was the summation of that wonderful scholar from the Methodists of England Adam Clark. He mastered ten languages, and was No. 4 in the Methodist hierachy – John Wesley, Charles Wesley, Fletcher, Clark. The KJV Old Testament and all others in English, are from the MT, Masoretic manuscripts. The first one in Latin from AD. 100-300, disappered as the manuscripts also disappeard. It was regarded as a correct translation. Then came Jerome who translated manuscriipts into the Latin Vulgate, in conjunction with the Masoretic Rabbis in Jerusalem. The Masoretic text was always suspect as it came from Babylon. It took until A.D.1000 from about A.D.87 to have dots added to it, each generation of Rabbis having their usual controversies about such. They hated Christ and Christians. So as Clark said, the KJV being from them, it contains that which they construed.

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