It always pays to research the beliefs and comments ov the very early Church Fathers. Sometimes they are wrong but often they are correct because they lived during the end of the first and into the second centuries. All knew about the end of Israel as a nation. They regarded Judaism as not part of Christianity. Today, in the West, the majority of church people believe fervently in Judaism. Have we not heard this often – ‘Christianity is Judeo-Christian’? Nothing could be further from the truth if we read for instance the book of Hebrews and also consider well the preaching of Jesus in the gospels. The Old was removed so that God could establish the New. This He did according to the book of Hebrews, but throwing out the Old Covenant given to Moses for the O.T. Israel. Then Jesus affirmed ‘This is the New Covenant in My blood’ at the Last Supper. When He was crucified, the had of God tore the very thick curtain in the Temple, in two. The veil of the Temple was removed. Anyone could view the Holy of Holies that previously was entered once a year and only by the High Priest. This signified the end of the Old Covenant with its Aaronic priesthood, any worship in a Jewish temple. It showed clearly God had dispensed with everything to do with that Old Testament worship. It was of the earth. It was merely a shadow of the heavenly Temple and the heavenly worship we are to engage in. We are now not under Law but under grace. Surely this video would grip us all to lead us all into the truth of the gospel.

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