This video is a must for all believers. It will blow the cobwebs away! Romans 11 cleaqrly shows ‘all Israel will be saed’ as written by Paul in the fifties A.D. a few years before his martyrdom. He was speaking of that then presnt time. INdeed, all Israel was saved but it was after his death. He never did say Israel would be restored as a nation in a land called Palestine. Present day churches faslely make such assertions and consider Israel has been restored. Now where is that Israel? Not in Palestine becuase there is no such Israel as was in the Old Testament. Ir ceased in AD.70 as Josephus that anointed historian has related. The people there today as their leaders readily pronounce and publicly, ‘We are not from Abraham. We are Khazars. From round Ukraine a millennium ago. The best translation to go to regarding Romans 11 is NET Bible, the one for the use in church pews. It is readily available from Book Depository, shipping paid or Amazon. A read of the chapter would bring much clarification and understanding. Also, Source translation is the best translation of the N.T. in English. It also has a wealth of notes from the translator’s research. The translation is from the most recent MSS discovered in a Greek monastry a few years back.

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