Bible School Ministry to Indian Pastors

Dear Pst
Glad to have your news.
Your prayers are answered.
May I suggest this?
It would be a good idea to take ten minutes also of every days teaching to include:
Teaching on how to plant a church. The first thing they must do is prayer in the Spirit, prayer in the Spirit and prayer in the Spirit to find out where. Having discovered where they start visiting and evangelizing and praying for the sick they meet as well as any problems they have. They expect answers. They move in the Holy Ghost. All visitation is undertaken after seasons of prayer in the Holy Ghost. They look to the Lord believing.
As many as possible are invited.

re meetings: Each meeting for every service must be proceeded by praying in the Holy Ghost.
When meetings and a church are established. Each meeting, Sunday or through the week should be proceeded by as many people as possible praying in the Holy Ghost. Rom. 8:26 shows the Holy Ghost will intervene through them.
Prayer meetings do not need any singing anytime. People just start praying. Expect the Holy Ghost to anoint each person to win and bring others to Christ in the meetings.
New converts should be given a Tamil Gospel of John if you can get them from the British and foreign Bible Society for free.  If not use the NT. I think you can get English NT- Good News version, never KJV!
Each new convert and CSI people should be baptized in the Spirit immediately.
It is in “The Holy Spirit Came”, how to do it.
Baptism in water is also a public declaration that they are believers in Christ alone.
Leading souls to Christ always use John 3:16; 1:12; Rom. 3:10-12; 1Cor. 15:3,4; Jn. 3:15; Rom. 10:9. Then prayer to believe on Christ.
Assurance of salvation, 1Jn. 5:4,12; Rom. 8:16; Gal. 2:20; 3:26,27; 4:6.
Have the students know these verses backwards, memorized throughout the year.
By the Holy Ghost have every student instilled with a passion and faith that they will win many souls. They must be taught to teach others the same thing when they have churches.
When you start your meetings let there be the same passion, vision and faith for everyone to bringing others to the meetings. Let there be the anointing of the Spirit in every meeting.
I have seen people saved from heathendom  even though we give deep preaching of the Word. Also heathen have seen people filled with the Holy Ghost and got filled themselves because they suddenly believed in Christ.

Every meeting pray for any loved ones of those attending who are sick. Believe for all the gifts of the Spirit in the meetings when suitable.
Your students should be taught all this.
Each church must be under girded by prayer in the Holy Ghost. No fasting prayer!
Ensure each student understands Rom. 6.
All these things should be repeated and repeated and repeated until all are filled with this Spiritual knowledge. All of you should stand on and believe Eph. 1:17- Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ.
My book New Covenant Living could be a basis for them to know thoroughly.
Teach them to look to the Holy Spirit themselves as their Helper.
Their communion is with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.
I trust you print this out, three copies – so as not to be lost.
In Christ
Sis Irene

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  1. I have YouVersion on my iPhone. The app was created by Life Church in Oklahoma which is where I pneosrally attend. The reading plans offered on YouVersion allow one the option to track reading progress. This adds a feature of accountability for anyone you may choose to designate to monitor your progress, even if that monitor is “you” . A “Live” feature allows those attending a LifeChurch service to follow along with the sermon notes on the iPhone and provides links to scripture passages referenced in the message. One may also choose to add their own notes as well. Additionaly, the YouVersion app allows one to read multiple versions of the Bible or select different languages and many versions can be downloaded to the iPhone or read online with an internet connection.Dr. Kim, thank you for taking a moment to post on this subject. It may seem a bit off-topic but it is definitely refreshing to see this post.

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