There is a purpose for us as believers in this life. We are destined for glory. God is the father of glory. Jesus is the Glory. We have partaken of that glory. We are a different and special people. We have been called to come apart from the world. Look at Stephen. He as an ordinary church member was full of the Holy Ghost and power. He is are example. We are a heavenly people, citizens of heaven. Stephen addressed his fellow Jews who were not his spiritual brethren. The God of glory appeared to Abraham. We are to enter the presence of our majestic Lord in Heaven. He is King of Kings. Can are approach be of human effort alone or with earthly means? He is the Lord of heavenly glory, not earthly. There was heavenly glory on the mountain of transfiguration. We are to listen to the One, Christ, rather than Moses and Elijah. John the greatest prophet pointed to Jesus Christ, whose message is not of Law but of grace and truth. He is the Truth who came in grace. His message is in the whole of the New Testament. We are to absorb it. The Law and the Prophets were until John only (Lk. 16:16). After that the kingdom of God is to be preached. When John came there was a change. He did not preach the Law or the Prophets. He pointed to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ did not preach the Law. He preached the good news of the kingdom of God. Isaiah 6, he saw the Lord in relation to the incarnation. The Son tabernacled among us in the temple of His human body. They saw His glory. There was glory at His birth. Moses and Elijah appeared in glory on the mountain. They had been gone for centuries, yet they were still living. Jesus said, He who believes on Him will never die. And even if he dies naturally he is still living (in his spirit). The disciples saw the glory of Jesus. The heavens declare the glory of God. Jesus as Creator revealed His glory when he changed the water into wine. He is not called glory there.

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