Are you a child of the resurrection? If you believe in Jesus you are. Do you live in resurrection power of the gospel? Do you experience the resurrection power of the Holy Ghost? Do you pray often in other tongues? Watch this video. It is Tamil/English. Re speaking in tongues – no one can speak in their own language and other tongues at the same time. We have to stop one language to get into the other. Hallelujah is Hebrew. Believers of all nation have made Hallelujah a word in their own language. If you say Hallelujah you are speaking your own language. Hallelujah is not other tongues. To speak in other tongues you have to stop speaking Hallelujah. For those believers who are baptised with the Holy Ghost (this always mean they pray in other tongues) there are nine gifts of the Spirit. Any of these manifestations of the Spirit can be given or added to our speaking in tongues because we are baptized with the Spirit. There is no promise that God will heal every believer. Healing is not in the Atonement but covered by it. Until Jesus comes every believer will die of sickness. As children of the resurrection miracle power of God through the Gospel has given us eternal life. We are seated in a heavenly realm. God is on His Throne in heaven. Jesus Christ our Mediator is in heaven. That is not an earthly scene. Our worship is not to be earthly. Our worship is to be heavenly. Musical instruments are made of earthly material, they are not heavenly. Heavenly worship means the Holy Ghost of heaven provides heavenly words on our tongues. This worship comes not from our earthly emotions. Worship in other tongues is heavenly based by the Holy Ghost of heaven. God requires we worship in Spirit and Truth. God is Spirit. Our recreated spirit (new creatures in Christ Jesus are created through the Holy Spirit) must be the source of worship through the Holy Spirit. Do you do that? If you are a Pastor are you leading the people of God in this way? Is the church worshiping in this God-ordered manner? At the beginning of this video you will see an eight year old child worshiping God in the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit is the source of her worship as she worships in other tongues.

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