Throughout the Old Testament, those few who were faithful to the Lord and His Mosaic Law, did ‘Divine Service’ in the natural. There was somewhat of a Spiritual sense within them. Still they performed their acts of service at the Tabernacle/Tabernacle naturally. It was of an earthly even worldly order. There worship was such. They tried to keep the Law, relied upon it – but failed to gain righteousness. They could not as it is never by works of righteousness but was to be through the faith that Abraham had while still uncircumcised and as a Gentile. He was never an Israelite or Hebrew. A Gentile, given the great message of salvation that was for Gentiles in particular – ‘all nations of the world’. Gentiles. The promise was given to Gentiles. Israelites were brought in through Isaac and Jacob, whose twelve sons formed the first Israel. These were the only Israel and they were called Israelites or Hebrews – never Jews, one should note. God does so love Gentiles. He sent His Son into the world to save sinners out of the world, even though His being sent was first of all to Israel and its Hebrews. This nation crucified Him, being cursed forever. The curse could never be lifted. It never was. They went into extinction under curses. Then in came the Gentiles in floods until this day. Praise the Lord. His ways are past finding out. We cannot ‘track’ them at all. We submit, clay in the hands of the Potter. ‘Not my will, but Yours be done, Oh Lord’. We today have a Spiritual service and not an earthly/carnal/worldly one. Our Temple to access is heavenly and in heaven. The temple on earth today, is the Household of God, wherein God dwells with His supernatural power, in our midst.

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