Ezekiel was taken by the Spirit holding a lock of his hair, from Babylon to Jerusalem”s temple (ch.8). This was in relation to the end of Judah in captivity, except for the remnant who went back to Israel. Similarly, John was taken by the Spirit but into heaven itself, this time, in relation to the end and destruction of the nation of Israel that would occur in A.D.70. It did. Israel ceased to exist. All of its people were either killed or taken into captivity as slaves, to disappear in history. Even those in the Jerusalem church who escaped to Pella as Jesus had told them to leave disappeared in history from A.D.67 to 120. No record left anywhere. John received the vision around A.D. 63. He was ‘IN the Spirit and ch.4 of Revelation, taken up into heaven. He himself, somehow, was there seeing all the events in Spirit form before they happened, which started maybe A.D.64 but certainly AD. 67 to August 70 A.D. History records the events. Why is it that in the tens of thousands of sermons I myself have heard, not once did a preacher mention such a horrible occurrence that Jesus prophesied in Luke 21, for their generation. The Great Tribulation occurred then, as prophesied by Daniel Ch.12:1,2. Doubtless, the curse of Paul on those preaching a different gospel that excluded these facts, was on the (us) all! Also, the witchcraft of the Judaists as Paul declared in Galatians 3:1, that was on that church, has been on and in all of our churches, including bible schools, seminaries, preachers – from that time until now. The early church until A.D.70 under the Apostles, knew Jesus’ prophecies would occur. They knew it would finish the Temple, the City, the Nation, the people. It did. To this day there has not been one of their descendants living. Those today who say they are have not geneaology to prove it. In fact, scholars who know the history truthfully, declare who they are. As did Netanyahu and the son of one of the generals of the Six Day War – ‘We are not descendants of Abraham (through Jacob). We are Khazars’. Let us know the truth to set us all free. Let us know the facts of history. Let us believe the words of Jesus in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13. Amen and Amen.

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