Christ has created all believers from every part of the world into one body He Himself is building . No man is doing the building of this body. It is a spiritual body, invisible in the way all are part of it but visible in its outworking. He abolished the Law of commandments ion the cross and in His death. His resurrection from the dead enabled Him to begin His glorious creation. The angelic forces in the heavens look on in wonder – the holy angels. Those angelic powers ruled by Satan that go back to the creation of the world, to the Garden of Eden and then to Genesis 6 in the Fallen Angels, consist of the great enemy against this new and holy creation. The wonder is that not only did the Law finish but so also did the nation to whom it had been given on Mt. Sinai. They had been chosen but the Lord had a new elect, the ekklesia or as we say, the church, His body that was never denominational. We might well ask what then is the function of this body? And how do believers become part of this body? The New Testament has the answer in the writings of Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles.

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