The epistles and the gospels had been written before or at the beginning of A.D.60s. Churches interchanged these writings and apostles, prophets and teachers would go from place to place. Thus the contents of Jesus’ prophecy regarding destruction of the temple and all events connected with it, would have been fairly general knowledge. Most believed His words. The anticipated the events to occur as He had said they would do so in their generation. That it was relative to the Jews, Judeans, all Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple was obvious from the letter sent by John to the seven churches. Travel throughout the Empire was common, on the well constructed roads and in the galleys that went across the Mediterranean and indeed as far as India thus across the Indian Ocean. Churches and believers were not kept in ignorance of the fact that John was speaking much about Israel. The Jews petended in some of the churches to be real Jews. They were natural Jews but not spiritual ones. That there would be times of the great tribulation in Jerusalem was known to all those who knew of the words of Jesus in that regard. Did they understand his mention of ‘Where the corpse is, there the eagles (vultures) will gather’?

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