The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 have a reference to Zechariah 4, Priest Joshua and King, Zerrubabel. Believers in Christ have been made priests unto our God and reign as kings in the realm of life, Rom.5. The Jerusalem Judean believers knew all about the prophecies of Jesus in Matthew, Mark and Luke. There were those who believed His Word. Some did not and did not obey. He had said ‘Come up higher’ to them as they were those witneses of Him. He had told the disciples, including the apostles, that they would be ‘witnesses’. Many faithfully were such, these priests and kings. They went higher out of the wars around Israel and Jerusalem, where there witness had been silenced for just on three and a half years, commencing just after A.D.66 when the Roman soldiers appeared there, subjecting the city to the judgments poured out by Jesus Christ from the right hand of God. Services of the assemblies would have been non-existent in such perilous times. But they still had regard for His words of command when He gave His great announcement of the perilous times to come, in their generation. They knew His word to escape hastily for their lives when the opportunity came. It did arrive and they left the city to assemble again around Pella and the mountains. There they resumed their meetings in the presence of Christ, gathering together unto Him. Judgment was fierce. The Lamb in heaven poured out His wrath on those evil Jews. We must realise that the book of Revelation has no connection with the coming of the Lord Jesus in clouds of glory to the sky above, from where we will hear the trumpet sound, the voice of the Archangel and rise up to meet Him there. It is not relevant to His coming as the Bridegroom for His bride. It relates to His coming as the Son of Man in judgment, still in His invisible realm where no earthly eye could behold Him. He came. Judgment fell on the whole of the land of Israel, on every city, on every Synagogue, and finally on Jerusalem to destroy it completely, on the Temple for complete destruction, whose every stone was removed by the Romans and the whole area laid bare, where later it all was ploughed for a field as foretold in the Old Testament. The temple worship finished forever. No more Levitical priesthood, no more Old Testament rites like circumcision, Passover or Tabernacles. No more sacrifices of animals. Never to reoccur at some time in history. Gone for ever. The New Covenant superseded the Old Covenant for all time.

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