The destruction of the Temple in A.D.70 was a major fulfilment of the prophecies of Daniel and those of Jesus in three gospels. Very early writers considered Revelation was about that fall and also the end of the Romans through whom that judgment of the Son of Man was given. They knew the authorship around A.D.65 pointed to those matters. More recent scholars state the same thing – such as Lightfoot, Farrar, Edersheim, Schaff, F.F.Bruce and Torrey. From A.D.107 writers referred to the destruction of the Temple as being vindication of Christianity. The two are non-compatible. If there is to be a Temple there will never be the gospel. When the gospel comes the Temple for all time is never necessary. It is earthly, carnal whereas the gospel is heavenly based. The apostles, disciples, and believers recognized that Jesus in Matthew 24 predicted the fall and all events of that time and that it did not relate to millennia later or to ‘End Times’. Why have we been so blind? Jesus has said, Mt.21:43: ‘The kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a people producing its fruit’. He said the Stone, that was Himself, would crush those evil people. Then Matthew writes, ‘…The chief priests and Pharisees when they heard knew He was speaking about them’. When did this occur? At the time of the destruction of the Temple. Another pointer that the prophecies were to occur in their generation was that it was ‘about them’ standing there. A parable in Lk.17:21, ‘The Kingdom of God is within your community’. He then told His disciples they would desire to see the day of the Son of Man. They themselves would not see it – because they would be gone, most martyred by A.D.66. Then He related how wide the destruction of many of the people of Jerusalem would be. That was to be His coming – in judgment.

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