Again there are diverse opinions of the theologians. One finds there is a certain ability to be able to see the meaning even of this chapter, based on the correct foundations of belief The first one is to throw out completely all End Time beliefs we have had and start afresh. Then there must come the realisation that the prevealent beliefs among hundreds of millions are actually based on the supposed revelation of John Nelson Darby, who was Kabbalistic and followed a myth of the Jews and Jesuits. He was the god child of Admiral Lord Nelson of Trafalgar, friends with Jews. Let me say that when I personally discover what I believe to be the truth (and I never discard the theologians) there always remains this thought. ‘Are there any who hold to this belief?’ Assuredly I will search and discover there are theologians, generally a minority, who have come to the same belief as myself. We cannot be dogmatic, arrogant or infallible in any belief even if there is a definite certitude in one’s heart. Let us consider the end of the book of Revelation where we are warned not to throw out anything written there or to add thereto This is not adhered to generally, because in Rev.1:1 there is the distinct word of the Lord Jesus: ”things which must shortly come to pass’; ‘must soon occur’; ‘must needs come to pass with speed’; ‘the things which must come to pass quickly’ ‘and He showed them by signs’. Not by a composition of future events etc. It was not in words but in signs and symbols’; He indicated it by signs or symbols to His slave John’. . We need to understand the signs and symbols and most of us do not or did not. In Greek, ‘signified’ is ‘to give a sign, to signify, indicate; ‘by signs and symbols’. All of it except the future heaven and hell were to happen before their eyes very shortly, almost immediately, ‘within that generation Not for our day. Not for our generation. Not for the end of the world. Not to happen soon TO US at all. ”Things (not all the book, but “things”) which must shortly come to pass and he sent and SYMBOLIZED it’.. It appears most readers of Revelation remove these words from the book – that is forbidden to do. Do not be guilty of taking away ‘must shortly come to pass’. In relation to the different group, it is not stated they are different classes of people, necessarily. We do not get the sense out of this chapter that such must be the case. As for the twenty four elders, most assume half are leaders of ancient Israel from the Old Testament. How is this possible In the whole of the New Testament, nothing of the old covenant or its institutions, its temple, its priesthood, the nation of Israel then, is slotted in as being part of the New Covenaant. So it could not occur here. This is all about the Lamb of God and He had not arrived for the twelve Elders of old Israel. They all died without ever seeing Him, as did Abraham, Moses and David. The significance of the sacrifice of the Lamb for those O.T. twelve elders and all other Hebrews then who were part of the remnant that looked forward for the Christ is found in this: Romans 3:25, ‘Whom God has put forward in the sign of his mercy, through faith, by his blood, to make clear his righteousness when, in his pity, God let the sins of earlier times go without punishment’. They all looked forward with the faith as of Abraham to the propitiation and atonement that would come through the Christ, as the Lamb of God, slain before the foundation of the world. Nothing they did under the Old Testament provided for this except the offerings covered their sins so that God passed them over while all waited for the Lamb of God to appear. After He appeared and His covenant was instituted, there was the New Israel of God with no Elders as in the Old Testament. So they were not there in heaven as such. All in heaven are those ‘redeemed by the blood of Christ’ alone.

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