Jesus directs His words around AD63 to the seven churches of Asia Minor. This is to church No. 5, Sardis. It is certain that the similar messages would have a repeat for our churches today, for me and for you persoally. The people were to listen and to take note. If necessary, there was to be repentance, a change of attitude and understanding, a throwing off of wrong beliefs and actions. The Lord uses the history of the city to make mention of its condition and need. It had an ancient history. Cyrus, spoken of by Isaiah and in Ezra, he is mentioned as Cyrus the King of Persia, who was stirred up by the Lord to send the Exiles of Israel back to Jerusalem to re-build the Temple Nebuchdnezzar had destroyed. Then there had been after that, Alexander the Great. Jesus has no word of commendation for this church. She was told not to defile her garments. This was through idolatry, idol worship worship and incense given to Caesar as demanded by him of all in the Roman Empire. We are told in 1 Thes.5. to ‘keep yourselves unspotted from the world’. Our churches have let worldliness abound with our Satanic rock music and that is what it is. It demands a mob psychological response in the emotions so that the words of evil songs at rock concerts and the words of songs (that are not particularly gospel) preachers in churches will hold sway in the hearts of the songsters, the crowd. God says to His children, ‘Come apart and be separate, says the Lord, and I will dwell among or with you’. ‘Love not the world or the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of God is not in him’. There would be white robes of purity for overcomers. Robes of glory. Then their names would not be blotted out from the Book of Life. ‘Eternal Security’? These words of Jesus place a big ‘No’ on its doctrine. ‘Once saved always saved’? The same No. You can be lost like the man who ‘had turned to his vomit again’ going back from the Lord. Many in those churches and in the church of Jerusalem did indeed turn back from confession of Christ due to fear and unbelief. They were not martryed nor were they faithful but died without their names being kept in the Book of Life. They would stand before the Great White Judgment Seat of God at the end of the world, and find they were to be sent to hell forever and ever – where their worm is not quenched, as said Jesus in the Gospels. The spirit of Jezebel was and is a doctrine of demons in that church. It is throughout our churches today i the form of wrong end-tie teahing about the Jews. If you view this you can see where they are before God. What does He think of them today? Do we think what God thinks.

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