The invisible world plays a major part in our lives – generally unknown to us. How do we know? The Word of the Scriptures discloses much. God created two worlds First the invisible and then the visible. Our lives are lived in consciousness of the visible. But they are affected greatly as to what transpires in the invisible. As well there is the major affect on our lives in the world, first as sinners outside of Christ. The Prince of this world was our master and often controller. Sin within did not only have its beginning in ‘Original Sin’ of Adam. Sin was also here and around Adam from the invisible world. Such was controlled by Satan who in the early days of creation, had the evil thought in his heart that he would be like God. He was then thrown out of heaven with all of his angels, that nowhere are numbered as a third of heaven’s angels – as often stated. Isaiah 14 thus has no reference to Satan but to Nebuchadnezzar – who is a man and who will descend into Hades, that part where the fires burn into the soul, innermost being of the still conscious dead evil workers of mankind, particularly kings and rulers. All seem to be classed as such in Isaiah 14. Today, we carry the effects of first, Satan’s early antagonism to God and then of the sins of the fallen angels and their progeny the giants of whom at death, became evil spirits as God informed Enoch. They entered mankind as related in Genesis 6 and remain until finally, with Satan and his angels, all evil spirits, all satans, will be confined forever in that hell that burns with fire and brimstone, recorded in Revelation 21. The early Methodists of England knew these truths in a way far more clearer than we have been taught.

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