I will sing of my Redeemer, Of the love He has for me; How He left His home in glory, Paid the price, And set me free. Yes, the Bible is all about our blessed Redeemer, who was promised in Genesis 3, preached about to Abraham, shown to be coming to Jacob/Judah, prophesied about by Balaam the Sorcerer, was known by Moses, revealed to David as ‘my Lord’, known by Isaiah, and finally was born, the Son of Man, begotten of God, the Christ, who was God manifest in the flesh. – the eternal Word made flesh dwelling among Israel to introduce the New Covenant, as He preached the Kingdom of God and of Heaven that was not of this world. His death on the cross ended in His resurrection from the dead, after which He ascended to His seat at the right hand of God – higher than any angel. This is the gospel that we follow and as He said, ‘All the prophets prophesied until John. Now the gospel of the kingdom is preached – with no stroke of the pen failing of the Law to be fulfilled. Therefore the prophecy regarding Gog and Magog had of course to have been fulfilled and indeed it was.rather shortly after the prophecy was given. Jesus spoke the truth. So Gog and Magog cannot even pertain to the Khazars.

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