Wipe this video. No good, Irene February, 2018. You must know as much as you can about our God. Do you? Is Jesus to you just an experience? Or just Someone to sing about, dance and listen to loud music?1Timothy 3:16. Now about Godliness. It concerns us. The mystery has been revealed. It is about the incarnation. The verse discloses it is about the person of Jesus Christ. The mystery is not about the being of God, one being revealed. The eternal Being of God in all His Glory is not revealed. Three. All of creation revealed a Triune God. Atom is a trinity of proton, electron and nucleus. H2O equals liquid, ice and steam. Matter is energy, motion and phenomena. In the Old Testament there is no mention of the Father having the Son. The Son is begotten or born of the Father in John 1,3, Hebrews 1. The Word as God Jn. 1:1, was made flesh. In the New, the Lord’s prayer says our Father. Jesus included Himself. If God where the Father of the Son begotten in eternity, totally deity, we being not deity could never join Him in a prayer to Our Father. In heaven this is a great mystery. We bow in awe before Him. We are in the visible world and cannot look into the invisible. God is in the invisible. No one can see God. We see Him in the face or person of Jesus Christ. 1Timothy 3:16. The One born as flesh was also God, eternal Spirit, Hebrews 9:14, He was vindicated rather than justified, as being divine. Jesus Christ is God. God is Triune. This is a great mystery. We believe all the verses of Scripture about God and also about the Lord Jesus Christ. Having faith in them all, putting them all together, gives us by the Holy Ghost wisdom and understanding. If you watch all the videos about 1Tim. 3:16, you will find from the Scriptures, the Bible’s own revelation. We do not get a revelation. We are given understanding. The writers of the Bible where given revelation by the Holy Spirit.

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