Do you obey every part of the New Testament? Then watch this video. Reading the N.T. shows great disobedience to it – by the church and thus we ourselves. The church is disobeying the Holy Spirit. Would He not be grieved? Disobedience is in relation to the Word of Christ in the gospel – all of it. We disobey the grace given to us to be co-workers with God in the power of the Holy Ghost. Power is in speaking in other tongues. We are under the new covenant. The old one finished. It had fault because of our sin. Christ is the Surety of the new. It will never fail. We must stay in Christ. It is a heavenly position. Our daily living is to be according to the Spirit of Christ. Our prayers are to be supernatural in origin. We are to pray in the Spirit,. This is in other tongues. Sometimes it seems that we are indeed shut in with God in heaven. He is real in the way of Spirit. It is not natural. It is not feelings. It is in our recreated spirits. David did not enjoy this. Moses did not. We do. It is a privilege for us. God has given us something ‘out of this world’. We are to become more familiar with that other world as we pray. this particularly happens when our hearts are filled with the word of Christ in the gospel. Law following will not do this. We follow the Holy Spirit. We as a church have known so little of this. We are to grow in and into this personally. The Holy Spirit will do something within our spirits that lasts forever. It is in us to be taken to heaven.

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