God had a special star prepared for the heavens to show a different kind of birth from the norm. The Ancients believed certain stars could show there was coming on the scene a most renowned god or King. This star outshone all of the others but the Magi knew it was special. Somehow the true God spoke to them in the middle of their divining, their sorcery, their magical practices and their heathendom He made them know there was to be born a special King of Israel – not a King of the Jews as is recorded in the KJV and most of our versions. The star led them to the land of Israel, specifically Judea, Jerusalem and Bethelem. What kind of a King would this be when finally they could lay eyes upon Him. You will see in this video the most astounding truths about the birth of this Baby Jesus, whose birth much of the world has acclaimed if it is only with ‘Merry Christmas’ on signs and spoken by one to another all over the Western world and still said in many places.

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