Do you really understand about the PERSON of God. Tthe Scriptures show as much as we can know. If you want to know about the One God, and watch our DVD’s, verses of Scripture will be enlightening.We can only understand as much as the Bible reveals and exactly what it reveals. Paul set out many doctrines in his epistles. There is no doctrine set out about God. Believers have fellowship with the Father, with Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit, these three. This happens through the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and the message of the Gospel. It was not the case in the Old Testament. In Romans 8 there is the Spirit of Christ, (His own eternal Spirit), the Spirit, the Spirit of God, Christ, God and obviously the Holy Ghost. We go through the chapter identifying each one. Christ is in our hearts, not the Person who walked this earth as human. He is now a Quickening Spirit. If Christ is in us, it is by His Spirit. The Holy Ghost is in us because we are born from above. The Father is in us because the Seed of God is in us. Paul seems never to isolate his teaching about the Holy Spirit from speaking in other tongues. Even in this chapter he teaches intercession by the Holy Ghost through our speaking in other tongues. He also shows we are elect, chosen and predestined. That is the Grace of God. The revelation is in the Bible. We receive it through the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge. Those who do not pray in other tongues have a great lack. Paul shows its importance. This is a marvel. We have two Comforters, one in heaven and one in us. Christ also is in us. In His Person. We partake of the Divine nature. The Holy Spirit wants to intercede through us. It happens when we pray in other tongues.

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