Four angels standing holding back the winds of wrath for that day of His wrath has arrived. The O.T. prophets contain words of God’s judgment in relation to winds. In this chapter, the day is one against Israel. The chapter shows the situation of the saints of the Lord. in the midst of these judgments. There is to be protection for such against God’s retribution. Some of them will be martyred and the remainder will see and maybe experience suffering. But it is not judgment for them. His day of wrath is not againt them but comes in part as a response to the cries of the souls under the altar. And to the prayers of those on earth There would be a sealing disclosed further along in the chapter. The believers in the seven churches and indeed the believers in the Jerusalem church and those scattered around Israel knew there would be reprieve for many. Jesus had said in Mk. 13:14, “B ut when you see the desolating sacrifice set up where it ought not to be, then those in Judea must must flee to the mountains … 19 for in those days there will be tribulation such as has not been …so the Lord will cut short those days for the sake of the elect’.. The scene in Rev.7:1 is heavenly. Many believers did flee to Pella as history has recorded.

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