A seal means protection and ownership. God is the Owner. He protects His people if necessary. Even in trials, tribulations that cannot be escaped, He protects or He gives grace.Paul had a messenger from Satan and prayed three times for the Lord to take it away. The answer was,’ My strengty or dunamis (power, Acts 1:8) is made perfect in weakness’. This verse is reminiscent of the Feast of Tabernacles where there were occasions of joy at their deliverance. There is a great multitude standing before the throne. They are from all kinds of nations and peoples. They give glory to God. The 144,000 are not Jews but believers because they are gathered up there. The seven churches would have understood this. The people in v. 9 are the same people. Through all the afflictions, tribulations, even the Great Tribulation, out come this multitude of those who were true to the Lord. All in heavenly glory that awaits the saints of all ages. This group was not that yet in our future, who will have on the Resurrection Day have received their immortal bodies. They are in heaven clothed with glory but worshipping, serving yet still waiting. The pivotal point of the book is that God is Judge and Ruler over all. The message and actions with the prophecies come from heaven with heaven’s interptretion undertsood by the seven churches. We should endeavor to understand them also. What did they understand then and not what do the general believers and churches understand now. We need to get ourselves into the book and into the minds by the Spirit of those believers of that generation who were to experience it all. v.14 ‘out of the great tribulation’ showed to me it was the same group as the whole picture of many chapters is about the Great Tribulation of the last 3 1/2 of Daniel’s 70 weeks. The connection is obvious. Thus it is as one scholar says: ‘The two groups then are respectively, ‘The Church Militant and the Church Triumphant’.. Another says of the latter group: ‘These were the true Israel, The Israel of God (Gal.6:16); A vision of the heavenly triumph of the martyred host’.

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