The people in the seven churches were not under the Old Covenant. They were under the New. They were a spiritual people of God. They lived in Christ in heavenly places. We also. They looked for a heavenly city of Jerusalem as do we. There are heavenly things happening all the time around us. There were in their day. As history records heavenly signs that were made apparent. Most of us never know that kind of experience but we do know the Lord is with us. His angels are sent to minister to us. We never see them. John on earth was looking into heaven with earthly but anointed eyes – hence the earthly language inspired by the Spirit. He sees a white horse, with a bow and a crown. This is not the Lord Jesus Christ because the scene is on earth and the Lord Jesus is in heaven. The earthly scene speaks of a conquering army. the Christians would know it concerned some army using bows and one with a king. It could not be Roman in this verse. It would be the Parthians who would eventually come and conquere Romans. Ezekiel 38,39. This is about Gog. Antiochus Epiphany fulfilled the prophecy in relation to the defeat of Gog. Ezek.39:3, the Parthians, remains of the Persians. So Gog is not Russia. The actuality is that their geographical situation was north western Turkey. The Lamb opens the second seal. The Lamb. John was in an ecstacy. The second seal, red horse, war. Think of the horrors when Ghengis Khan went through Asia and Europe – 40,000,000 slaughtered. About A.D. 1200. Red stands for blood and war. War is a result of what goes on in heaven. ‘The judgments of God are in all the earth’, Isaiah. What about the passing of the Law allowing for ‘Gay Marriage’. Christianity is not a bed of roses. Jesus said in the world we would have tribulation. The four seals represent, 1. White horse, bespeakig war and conquest. The Roman Army againt Jerusalem, and Israel – that ends in destruction. Not Christ as some say. To make it Him would being in a different scene from the following three seals. 2. War, red carnage. 3. Black horse, Famine. 4. Death, pale green horse.

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