Jesus informed those Gentiles and sprinkling of Israelites that those in the kingdom of heaven were salt on earth. They were the lights of heaven. They and we must let our lights shine in this world. From such there comes the only heavenly light there is. All else is darkness. Jesus was born to those who sit in the darkness of the shadow of death, O.T. He calls many, His elect, to come to Him who is the Light of the world. Jesus Christ is the only Light of the world. Believers in Him have His light within because they are united with Him in a spirit-ual bond. There is no heavenly light or any spirit-ual light in this world except that which shines out from His believers who are in the Ecclesia. This has nothing to do with denominations. It is all connected to the favt that the Ecclesia is a heavenly Entity, being the Temple of the Living God. They have characteristics. Such are spiritual and never from earthly sources. They are indeed the fruits of the Spirit of Christ who is in each true believer. Believers are to keep themselves in the love of God.

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