Millennium is 1000. Denotes in Scripture something extensive, unlimited, abundant’. Eg. 1000 times, Job 9:3; 1000 generations Ps.105:8; ‘neck like tower of day on wh.hang 1000 bucklers, Song.Sol. 4:4; ‘One chase 1000’ Isal 30:17; ‘a thousand shall fall at your side’ Ps91::7 etc. So they do not reign literally 1000 years. They do not reign literally a millennium. To say it is a millennium is a falsity. Of course, it does fit in with a myth, does it not? Let us all examine the Scriptures carefully, oh so carefully. Ha Shem is the name of God in Judaism and not found in Christianity. The old leaven is Juaism as Christ is our Passover. The Old passover finished at the last supper when Jesus introduced the new covenant in His blood and not in the blood of animals as was the old covenant. It was completely removed. Judaism of Moses finished. Judaism of the Pharisees is still with us.

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