Many mss discovered over the years, that had been hidden away, reveal so much about the ministries of the apostles – and Philip’s. He began in Acts 8 where the whole city was turned upside down.

Such marvels as recorded there were continued throughout his ministry. It is a fact that a preacher given a certain ministry, is never supposed to lose it but it is to increase and improve – ‘wait on your ministry’ said Paul. See what the Lord does in this video..Carnality in the leaders of the New Covenant, at least after about A.D. 200 has all but eliminated the heavenly supernatural. They have removed many books that should be in the Canon. This is from the ‘wolves’ Paul said would ‘come in’ after his decease. They do not ‘spare the flock’. All of us have been deprived because of it. Today in particular, because there are hundreds of millions in churches. Godly scholars have discovered mss. and translated much for our blessing. Philip and his fellow apostles and preachers experienced the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power, Word and experience. The seventy sent out by Jesus to the villages are named in some mss. What a find! In the O.T.,, a man in a fish 3 days, vomited out alive. Isaiah sawn in two, having glory and not suffering, mentioned in Heb.11. David slaying his tens of thousands, in the Theocracy of a national Israel. Moses speaking water out of a dry rock, that still flows today. Aaron’ with the power of God on his rod turned snake swallowing the magic produced rods of snakes of Magicians. Strane! The sun ‘stood still’ literally. It went back on the dial for Hezekiah, this time moving backwards it is journey. Frogs in the beds of all of Egypt’s inhabitants but not in the Hebrews’. God spoke to frogs or angels herded them. Surely the Lord Jesus Christ will enable much greater miracles by those who proclaim the New Covenant that ‘far exceeds the old in glory’, 2 Cor.3. And He did, when we look at the ‘Forbidden’ books of the New Testament. So we need not be surprised to discover it so. My husband, Cec, cast demons out of a magic produced demon filled girl who then vomited up eleven house-hold needles. Miracle through Christ overpowering the miracle through magic. Today, many Christians have more faith in the possibility of the supernatural of magic than the supernatural power of the Holy Ghost working through the servants of the Lord Jesus.

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