Bible School Ministry to Indian Pastors

Dear Pst
Glad to have your news.
Your prayers are answered.
May I suggest this?
It would be a good idea to take ten minutes also of every days teaching to include:
Teaching on how to plant a church. The first thing they must do is prayer in the Spirit, prayer in the Spirit and prayer in the Spirit to find out where. Having discovered where they start visiting and evangelizing and praying for the sick they meet as well as any problems they have. They expect answers. They move in the Holy Ghost. All visitation is undertaken after seasons of prayer in the Holy Ghost. They look to the Lord believing.
As many as possible are invited.

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Australia And World Church Errors

Dear ….

I have discovered things worse here, country-wide, in all charismatic and Pentecostal churches than I thought. All are based on Copeland, who got it all from Hagin who has lied to everyone that he had the revelation from God.
Monstrous lying, blasphemy and heresies in all of his writings.
He got it from Kenyon. Hagin began publishing in the seventies. I myself did a course with Kenyon around 1947, just before he died. It was feeble by his standards and weakly his doctrines.

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