About Dr Irene

Dr. Irene Bonney Faulkes is a woman with a strong history of involvement in the Pentecostal movement. She grew up during the early days of the Pentecostal movement in Australia and was later involved in pastoring work in Queensland as well as evangelistic and teaching ministry in Indonesia and throughout Asia and India. Due to her involvement Irene has strong views on her assessments of the movement. She sees the early days of Pentecostalism as being strongly influenced by the evangelist, F.B. Van Eyk. During those early days Irene states that people were hungry for God and for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. She believes the Pentecostal movement has moved away from this focus and become more about entertainment, music and financial reward, rather than seeking after God.


There is a ruler that rules in the Air, Geneva Bible. This is the sky and it is above us. So he is up there his headquarters, Satan, and stationed there are his hordes, could it be millions? It seems Satan was created on the third day and then had proud ideas. He was thrown out with is followers. The myth based on Isaiah 14 is just that, from enemies of Christ. i did do a video on it. Continue reading