The Holy Spirit Came



Dramatic, miraculous and heavenly can best describe the events of the day when the Holy Spirit came down to dwell in believers and in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. The vital need is to grasp the truth about Him and of the revealed power of that Divine Holy Spirit.
The promise and fulfillment leap out from the Scriptures. This book targets the truth for believers today. Is there to be a repeat of Pentecost? The author agrees with Scripture that there can be no cessation. The scriptural foundation for the power of Pentecost is defended. Errors in practice are exposed. Carnal worship under the old covenant is to be replaced by the Spiritual under the new. All believers need that dynamic Holy Ghost baptism, speaking in tongues. Prayer and worship are to be supernatural.
The Lord wants all believers to be baptized with the Spirit. One of the purposes of this book is that those who have not received can be helped to receive. Also it is to help those who would minister, so that they can be assisted in their ministry. As well, it is to enable those who have doubts to stand on the Word of God in faith. It is also, hopefully, to answer the arguments of those who oppose.

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  1. Pastor,We are so grateful for your tnhacieg. Steve and I are aware of a wonderfully strange and obvious presence of God’s Holy Spirit in our study life perhaps thanks’ to the foundation you are providing in your Sunday leadership. He’s Everywhere! We know that it is our own human obstacles that block our ability to be open and hear God’s call on our life through His Holy Spirit. And it’s humbling when we DO drop our pride and fears so that we can actually follow that call. The blessings are more creative and surprising than we could ever design!This study is giving our whole family a wonderful path for growth and tnhacieg for our kids. Thank you can’t wait til next week!Humbly,suzy&steve sammons

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