There is a ruler that rules in the Air, Geneva Bible. This is the sky and it is above us. So he is up there his headquarters, Satan, and stationed there are his hordes, could it be millions? It seems Satan was created on the third day and then had proud ideas. He was thrown out with is followers. The myth based on Isaiah 14 is just that, from enemies of Christ. i did do a video on it. Continue reading


We are to chase after love. Even if it eludes us for a little while, we settle down again to run the race and as it were, catch that Divine love. It is available for us, Divine rather than natural. There are four kinds of love in the Bible: romantic love, family love, brotherly love, and God’s divine love. God requires that Divine love. We need to devote ourselve, in relation to prayer. worshippin in supernatural languages all personal or as members together; manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit, the preaching, prophesying, and whether for the smaller or the greater ministries, such as apostle, prophet, evangelist pastor/teacher.