The end of the Book of Revelation details future events. They are so glorious for the believer, whose name is written in the Book of Life and who will never face the white throne judgment seat of God.All whose names are not there, from the time of Cain until the end, will stand before him, in some kind of resurrected from to hear ‘Go into the lake of fire and brimstone’. Jesus said their would be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Beloved believer, that will never be your end as you abide in Christ. He is coming to change you into His likeness for ever. To live without tears, sorrow, death, sin (that thrills me), Satan, demons around – wars, you name it. Glorious hope for us and there should be terror and dread in the hearts of all of the many sinners. Our God is a consuming fire, Hebrews. Our Father awaits our entering into the joy of the Lord forever. There is expectancy. The Bride will arrive one day for the marriage feast of the Lamb. She will be glorious to reflecr His eternal glory. This awaits those of us, faithful to the last. We remain full of the faith of the gospel and full of faith in Christ. Our lamps are trimmed and burning so as to hear the midnight cry, and go up with a shout ‘if we all watch out; to meet Him in the sky. So watch and pray my brother, lest someone take your crown, for the lukewarm and backslider won’t wear the marraige gown’ – old Pentecostal song. For all believers.

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