It would seem that many miss the implications of Joel 2. To understand it we need to see what John the Baptist said regarding Jesus Christ to those he called, vipers. There it was the Pharisees and in Luke 3:7 he said it of the ‘crowds who came to be baptized’, “Vipers”. First of all he spoke of the coming judgment.He was not referring to the judgments at the end of the world when the White Throne of God is set up as in Revelation. He said in ‘already the axe is lying at the root of the trees. The nation of Israel was ‘the trees’ and the axe, the Romans who were to come in his generation, within the next forty years. God’s axe was ready because this would be the judgment poured out by Him and His Christ. The Son of Man exalted on the right hand of God would pour out that judgment as declared in Daniel 7 and Revelation . He then prophesied that this Christ would baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire. Fire speaks of judgment. Therefore the nation would experience two things. First there would be the outpouring of the Holy Ghost and then later on judgment of an entirety upon Israel. Both did occur, the first in Acts 2:4 and the second as foretold in Revelation chapters 4-14. In 13;10 it is proclaimed a captivity and death, some destined to be made captive slaves and the others to be killed. All this happened during the Great Tribulation as revealed would occur. Josephus that great historian of the royal house of David, recorded the numbers. Some were sold as slaves for Egypt. They proved worthless. Throughout the land and in Jerusalem itself, the killings were enormous. The day of Jacob’s wrath was a day of tribulation such as before had never been seen and afterwards never would be. This is also mentioned in Daniel 11. The book of Joel ch.2 prophecies the judgment and the outpouring of the Spirit, as did John Baptist.

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