This is what the gospels and epistles declare and teach. We need to read it all, be prepared to believe the plain truths and thus ready to throw out the traditions handed down to us all, including myself.I have had to seek the truths in the Scriptures also, to discover what they really say. Scripture interprets scripture. We do not interpret correctly and that applies to all of us because we have not been taught that Scripture interprets scripture. Error when taught accumulates like a snow ball rolling will attract more snow. I had to humble myself before the Lord and follow Him alone as we all must do. The subject is most vital. The one kind of baptism has been neglected by the majority of Christians over the years. However, Pentecostals and Charismatics did believe and experience that one kind of baptism, being that with the Holy Ghost. But we erred as is common, in other aspects of the doctrine as set out by Jesus in the gospels, in Acts 1 and by the apostle Paul in particular. He, the apostle to the Gentiles, has let we Gentiles (if you can still call us that) know the truths. We are to believe truth.

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