I lost a comment. Sorry.. To that couple, husband and wife, may I say. Yes, sad but the N.T. shows it would happen. In fact, 1 Enoch (Lumpkins translation) shows the periods of time until the end of the world.The one in which we are, commenced A.D..70, started in apostasy, continued in apostasy, and is still in apostasy and will be in apostasy until the Lord returns to take us to heaven forever. So to save you many years of seeking, may I suggest you follow all our videos, especially those of the past year but many before then. As you search the Scriptures on which they are based, really searching and meditating, being willing to be led by the Spirit and to have eyes unopened, you will come to truths far more easily. It took me many years of study, Bible, prayer, seeking, and looking at scholars’ words, histories etc. The Lord bless you both and indeed all who want truth. Re Jude: Magic? Oh, yes, he includes that. Balaam is mentioned and he was a magician, whom God used to give prophecies of blessing for Israel. The story in the OT. is amazing. And Jude speaks of the fallen angels of Genesis 6. They were the evil watchers. The book of Daniel mentions a good watcher in chapter 1. Angels. They left their first estate in flagrant rebellion against God. Jude quotes from 1 Enoch, as does Peter, and Enoch, sixth from Adam and a most powerful Prophet who lived with the angels, transported to heaven and all over the earth, for 300 years, and ‘who walked with God’ as stated in Genesis, was shown many things and told of the judgments to which those fallen angels and mankind were heading at the end of the world. Which is where we could be in time. Enoch is regarded by many in the churches today as being a type of those translated at the coming of the Lord, for which we hope, look for, anticipate and long for.

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