What did the apostles believe and teach? Not once is there a word in their writings, Jesus’ sayings included, where there is a belief in a millennium on earth, a rapture, a great tribulation for the end times, a reign of Jesus on earth, at all.The current beliefs are definitely not in any New Testament. What did John who wrote the book of Revelation believe? Certainly not what most everyone today says he did and even preach it. Oh, the deceit, the tangled ideas, the madness of what many say. We all have been taught the errors, unless we were Presbyterian, Orthodox or Methodist, to name the majority of those not having fallen victim. This is recorded in ancient manuscripts, discovered and translated into English and are to be fully accepted as part of the original Scriptures: ‘John was in a certain bath-house when someone said to him, “Papias has just arrived”. Immediately John replied, “Let us go. I refuse to stay where this man (a previous follower of John) has entered. ” And he left. Papias is the first recorded person in the end and beginning of the early church, to have promoted the idea of a millennium of Jesus on earth. Many early fathers decried such a belief as being carnal. It is carnal. Let us leave such a heresy.

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