It is a great triumph to End-Timers to say God has not appointed us to wrath’ so therefore we will not go through the Great Tribulation but will be raptured. We should not what the Scripture does say. First of all, the Thessalonians were aware of the times and seasons, viz. the Day of the Lord, Mt.24:44 and that was about the destruction of Jerusalem as foretold by Jesus and taught by Paul. He has switched from the second coming of Jesus as Bridegroom, in the distant future 1 Th.4 to the imminent Day of the Son of Man. Paul expected some would be awake when the day came. Hope was for them, not wrath. They had faith, love, hope of salvation and they were to look forward to that, not to the judgment on Jerusalem and Israel. So I question seriously whether all of these End-timers really read and ponder alll the verses around any particular one. They do not. And let us be honest, it is the tendency in all of us, if we are not careful, to illuminate one verse and disconnect it from the preceding and following verses. This is what End-Timers do, who are waiting for the Rapture and for the ‘Great Tribulation’ that occurred already, A.D.66-70 as our videos declare. Let us all comfort each other with this. We are waiting for the return of the Lord Jesus as our Bridegroom, whenever that will occur. We must look for that appearance in glory so that we will be taken up and receive immortality of the body and in glory. In this way we edify each other. He plead with them to ‘know those who are over you in the Lord, and admonish you’ which I do now to all End-Timers with the beliefs that are doctrines of demons indeed, originally from Satan through Jesuit Cryptos. We are to follow Jesus. Be warned and repent dear ones. The Lord shed His blood for you to know the truth of the gospel and not the errors. #Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes

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