The Lord impressed on my heart His anger, Ps. 7:11. Then in Ps.80 the prophet for the people, expressed His anger. This psalm was a prophecy. As with all of the prophets of the O.T. there is a double meaning in every one as it applied to Israel/Judah. First the natural but always also the spiritual, referring to the Day, the Day of the gospel, the Day when Jesus would be born, die and rise again. Always. How does this psalm apply to the New Testament? The answer is simple because the rest of the Psalm reveals the mercy of God to come through the Son of Man. The real spiritual deliverance and salvation would arrive for Israel/Judah long after the natural restoration as in Ezra/Nehemiah would occur. For one generation in Israel/Judah there would come this salvation: ‘If you believe in your heart, confess with your lips, Jesus Christ is Lord’ you will be saved. This would be throughJesus, son of Man as He called Himself many times in the Gospels, and He was also quoting from 1 Enoch. Is it possible that the God of anger in the O.T. is also God of anger in the New? Most would say No, He is in the N.T. shown as God of love. True but He is also shown to be Righteous, Just, a Judge and with anger. Believers are those who have been taken out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. What of all of them? Could God ever be angry with such to the point of pouring judgment upon them so that they end up lost and in hell? A vital matter indeed that requires a Gospel answer – the gospel of Paul’s, by which God will judge men. The wrath of God is against all evil and wickedness of man, whether believers or unbelievers. Demas loved this present world and thus fell away – to eternal darkness. He was among those, who exist even today, who are ‘ presently being incompliant, disobedient, disbelieving. They disobey the Son of God continually. They follow their own lusts. Such will not enter heaven. Jesus said: ‘Narrow is the way that leads to life eternal – and few there be who find it’ whereas ‘Broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are many who go that way’. We have to endure and continually deny our ‘self’, ‘take up our cross and follow Jesus’ alone. We are ‘to keep yourself in the love of God’. Please follow this link: It has nothing to do with Russia but the writer has pieces of news always. https://russia-insider.com/en/how-jew… #Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes


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