Please see this re ‘Not descendants of Abraham’ Miko Peled There are others about him if you go to Miko Peled Son of Israeli General.… This is an important understanding for every one of us to have. And particularly in view of the fact that many hundreds of millions of Christians in the English speaking world, have been taught much about Romans 11. All expect a restoration of the nation of Israel. Many think the restoration occurred in A.D.1948. It will be a surprise, to see what Romans is all about. Also, to see where Paul stood in relation to the so-called ‘End Times’. It needs to be known that ‘End Times’ is not in the Scriptures. Rather there is, ‘The Last Days’. The question must be asked. ‘What are the last days’ or even ‘Are the Last Days our End Time doctrine This is a major subject as very many hundreds of millions of Christians of different denominations have taken on the normal and current teaching. This is actually in the countries where English is the native tongue and in the countries where English speaking missionaries instilled the doctrine into their converts and they number many hundreds of millions also. I myself heard the doctrines over and over and found it difficult to follow any other thinking, which or course I did, by the grace of God. His grace is open for all of us. Let us view this video and see what Paul was teaching throughout Romans, and what his views were, as received by revelation personally, from the Lord Jesus Christ. For O.T. prophets, for those of Israel who were saved, like Peter, for Jesus and for Paul, there were ‘the last days’ 1. Of israel; 2. Of all of the centuries of being under the gospel times, beginning with both 1. and 2. on the Day of Pentecost. As regards 2, it was not until the Gentiles began to come into the Ecclesia that emphasis was given to it being the days of the gospel particularly for the Gentiles. For Israel of those days, it involved the judgment of God and of Jesus, Son of Man, on that nation that crucified Him, the greatest sin of all and the removal for such a people of any hope of salvation – forever. The judgment fell and ended A.D. 70, August.#Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes

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