Please also view videos re this ‘Not descendants of Abraham’ – Miko Peled There are others about him if you go to Miko Peled Son of Israeli General.… Here is an anomaly. The present day Western churches and the churches they fathered in the ‘Third World’ (as called) are full of Judaism. This is the very Judaism Paul attacked, withstood and threw out. Such churches say they are Bible believing. Hmm! What Bible is this? It cannot never be the one in which Paul deprecated Judaism. Of course, this is Rabbinic Judaism. Not indeed, the Judaism they presume Moses had. This past and modern Judaism Paul knew and the churches follow is from Babylon. Please follow this link: It has nothing to do with Russia but the writer has pieces of news always.… He wrote to his son The songs the churches sing are not ‘songs that Judah sang when in captivity in Babylon. The modern songs are very entertaining, humanistic full of ‘I’ psychology and not relevant to the gospel even the gospel Paul Preached. This Judaism he withstood, as he knew, was one of paganism, astrology, charms an amulets. Did Paul know this? Of course he did. He had been in the Sanhedrin, whose members have to be skilled in magic. Christian churches are following the teachings, influence, witchcraft, occultism of such as he was. He threw it out personally. Have the churches Oh, no, they love the people, the people who practise such. Paul did not. We can see all about the beliefs, practices then and today. Of course, contrary to what churches think, they do not follow the Pentateuch, but rather the Oral Traditions against which Jesus also spoke, to become written as Mishnah and Gemara, the Talmud. Paul had cruel hatred of Christians accordingly until converted by Jesus. t is intriguing to see the references to such in some of Paul’s epistles. Oh what a tale has been woven. In the Name of Jesus, we (a few) now have the victory. Be among the company of victors. #Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes

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