The amazing truth is that Jesus literally was with Andrew – as other lost books declare in others’ experiences. Jesus would come down from heaven. He would be with Andrew, either revealing Himself or not letting Andrew know. He came down from heaven. He went back to heaven – very many times. Did not the ‘Word ‘ who was made flesh, the ‘In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God – THE DEITY.’ – do so often in the Old Testament. This was the occasion of the Old Covenant that was destined to pass away. It did and went into non-existence. Often Jesus would come down with angels. He would appear in different forms. Did He not do this on different occasions in the Old? The New Covenant is the covenant, of the promise made to Abraham. It is the everlasting covenant. Would not the Lord do far more in miracle power, with supernatural events than ever we read about in our Old Testaments? My heart has been moved as never before on knowing all about Andrew and how often Jesus came down. Just like in the O.T. on Mt. Sinai. God came down. And in Ps. 68 it was Christ. taking gifts from men. We generally think of ‘Go into all the world – I am with you always’ as applicable to us in a rather haphazard experience we have unknowingly – from Him. Nothing could be further from the truth. He does not come with us as He did promise to do so with the twelve disciples. How blind we have been in our reading of our four Gospels. If you go back somewhat to our videos on baptism, Go ye into all the world, I am with you always etc. you will discover we were beginning to catch the truth of something hitherto unknown to us – and to our churches. Now we know our churches do not understand what Jesus had in mind for His twelve disciples. His plan from God the Father were ‘above all we could ask or think’. Jesus allowed Andrew to suffer untold persecution. Andrew stood firm. Jesus would appear to Him. Jesus did indeed appear to Paul in 2 Cor. as he tells us there. He did not give to Paul what He gave to Andrew. Far from it. #Christian #BibleStudy #IreneBonneyFaulkes #Truth #wordofgod #HolySpirit #Quotes


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